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Enterprise Architecture

Having grip on the complex, coherent set of organizational entities, business processes and applications? ImproNotion helps you to get insight into it. So that it is clear if it enables a business operation that fits to the business strategy.

ImproNotion - Enterprise Architecture

Information systems, business processes, responsibilities, business rules, data: only if they are properly aligned, the whole works fine. By describing the business architecture, information architecture and application architecture the components are mapped out. Including their mutual relationships.

It becomes clear where the architectures doesn't fit to each other. And where they doesn't (properly) support the business strategy. Fragmentation comes to light and can be solved.

I facilitate in defining those architecture, among others in defining architecture principles. For an enterprise as a whole, for a part of it, or for one or more information systems. Scope and level of detail depends on what you aim to achieve.

If desired, together with you I define an architecture framework that fits for your organization. For example a framework in which ArchiMate, BPMN and UML are combined.

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