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Business process optimization

ImproNotion facilitates you in business process optimziation. In a short time a compact picture of the essence of an organization is created. The daily affairs can be viewed with a fresh look and be improved by using this picture.

ImproNotion - Business Process Optimization

For a fresh look, for a moment distance is taken from the current:
• organizational setup;
• automated support.

Responsibilities (a key concept when it comes to organizing) are getting clearer in this way. This seems contradictory with the first point. But: responsibilities aren't always logically assigned in the organization. Abstracting for a moment from automation brings 'automated-away' responsibilities to light.

For each set of responsibilities (a role) insight is provided which:
• process activities are performed;
• business rules are applied;
• information is produced and consumed.

The result is a coherent and consistent picture of the organization. How compact the picture will be depends on the situation.

This picture is an ultimate aid for process improvement, for example in a Lean project. The impact of the changes that thought of can namely be 'calculated' for the different, coherent aspects of the organization. Because of this the outcome of the changes is better predictable!

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