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Functional design

At building software ImproNotion bridges the gap between your business and your IT. A design from which business roles, business processes, business rules and business language is understood serves as a means of communication between users and programmers.

ImproNotion - Functional Design

Users need automation that supports the process activities they perform. Users want to manage their own data and consult that of others. Therefore, insight in (coherence between) business process is essential for successful automation.

Also insight is necessary in business rules and business vocabulary. Software must support users in applying business rules. Business vocabulary indicates which data the software must be able to deal with.

Now the bridge to IT. An application:
• is built on a data model that fits for the business vocabulary;
• has record and view functionality that is linked to roles that users fulfil in business processes;
• supports users in applying business rules in fulfilling roles.

• defines both architecture as well as detailed specifications;
• works together with users, business analysts and developers;
• specifies user interface, reports, interfaces, etcetera;
• attends development on behalf of users;
• works with various approaches (like DEMO, UML, ERD, ORM, BPMN);
• works with various tools (like MS Visio, Sparx Enterprise Architect).

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