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Process analysis & design

Process analysis and design by ImproNotion offers you insight into a correct set of responsibilities, process activities, data and business rules. An integral picture of the organization comes into existence.

ImproNotion - Process analysis and design

It is not unimportant which starting point is chosen. I put the human, the employee in the middle. An organization exists by the grace of employees that work together by entering in and complying to commitments, with each other and with the outside world.

In this each employee has his/her own responsibilities, this is: fulfils a role. A business process gives insight how roles work together to reach an end result.

Coherence is getting even more clear if the information aspect is taken into account. For example: information that is needed to perform a process activity results from another process activity. I apply a method that also pays attention to this coherence.

To get a good picture of an organization can for a moment be abstracted from the current organizational setup and automation.

The level of detail of the analysis or the design depends on the goal. Will it be a picture of the organization on one piece of paper, with explanation? Or elaborated processes?

Approaches that I apply: DEMO, BPMN, ArchiMate, ORM, UML.

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