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Functional design: application for process modelling

For an IT service provider I designed an application for modelling business processes. Important parts of it: the data model, the use cases and the user interface. I also supervised the development.

The application  - Xemod - supports the full recording of responsibilities, business processes and data according to DEMO®.


  • Drafting the metamodel in ORM, including definition of all rules to which the recorded data must meet
  • Build and test the metamodel
  • Elaborate user functions as use cases in UML
  • Design user interface
  • Build and test user functions and interface
  • Writing help text in MediaWiki


  • Supervising the development - project management
  • Tuning metamodel with experts
  • Organizing beta testing by customers
  • Create commercial documentation
  • Organizing support


Jan L.G. Dietz - Founding Father DEMO"I know Jacob Vos for several years within the community of DEMO Professionals in The Netherlands. He is a very kind and helpful person, and always attentive to the needs of other people.

I have had the pleasure to cooperate with him in the (functional) design of the software tool Xemod, which supports the DEMO methodology. In this relationship he has demonstrated to be a very professional designer. Jacob works diligently; he is only satisfied when he has fully understood all the details of (a part of) the functionality a system to be built. This is a professional quality that I wish more software designer would have."

— Prof. dr. ir. Jan L.G. Dietz
Fouding father of DEMO®