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Process design: central procurement

A homecare organization decided to centralize procurement. I helped the facilities manager and the employee responsible for procurement to sketch the outlines of the purchasing organization and the purchasing processes.

Centralizing the procurement was driven by a study from which it turned out that substantial savings could be realized. The ideas had to be elaborated and to be 'sold' internally to the employees that currently were responsible for purchasing.


  • Derive concept organization and processes from research report
  • Discuss and further elaborate with employees of the planned central procurement department
  • Setup a presentation to 'sell' centralizing procurement
  • Present ideas to stakeholders
  • Prepare decision making by management team


  • Strategic, tactic and operational purchasing
  • Contract management, commitment management and complaint management
  • Coordinated procurement versus central procurement
  • Integration with Administrative Organization / Internal Control (AO/IC)
  • Apply architecture language ArchiMate in elaborating purchasing organization and definition of terms
  • Apply process modelling language BPMN in modelling the outlines of the purchasing processes